Seamus Dowling’s Ford Consul Classic

This is Seamus Dowling’s1962 1.4 Consul Classic.


The Consul or ‘Consul 315’ (as the export version was known) was produced from 1961 to 1963 by Ford of Britain. It came in two or four doors and was thrown in at the deep end to compete with established cars such as the Rootes Minx and Gazelle.


With a top speed just shy of 80 mph, it could cruise comfortably along the UK’s new motorways and was popular with the rising middle class who favored it over the smaller Anglia. A decent fuel economy of about 35 mpg from its Kent engine and a comfortable well equipped interior made the Consul good value for its £800 with well over 100,000 sold.


Seamus, a Tullow native, has had his baby for a quite a few years now and has always found it popular with visitors and admirers when it makes its appearance at local shows and runs. He plans to keep it well oiled and has no problem using it as a daily runner.


There’s no doubt that with only 100,000 of these made, they will become a rarity in the future but judging by the immaculate condition Seamus has his in, I’m sure we can all agree that at least this Consul will be around for quite a while to come.