Ken Freeman’s Toyota Celica

Our next members’ car is a knockout 1991 Toyota Celica Twin Cam 2.0. from Ken Freeman who is based in Carlow town.


A fifth generation Celica, this modern classic started production in September 1989 and ran until 1993. More rounded and organic than previous generations, it became an instant hit in Europe, Asia and in particular, the USA market.


This little beauty is not Ken’s only Celica. He also has a black 1990 model which he hopes to get on the road as soon as he has his pride and joy sorted.


Ken got his car last year after a long search and plans to have a few small issues attended to over the winter so it can be ready for a good set of runs and shows in the coming summer. His plan is to use it often as possible as cars like this don’t like to lie idle for too long.

IMG_1089    IMG_1099

It’s great to see such modern classics being well maintained. The years leading up to and in the Celtic tiger was not kind to cars of this vintage as many of them fell fowl to the scrappage scheme of the late 90’s. A good few survive but many of those are heavily modified as they are popular with tuning and drifting clubs so it’s great to see one in as original form as possible and here’s hoping Ken will have it on show a great deal in the coming months and years.

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